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Weston Woodward

Weston Armstrong Woodward is a connector and traveler.
He is an avid relationship builder that turned his passion
for brokering intros into a full time job.

Before forming Woodward Media, Weston spent his
career working in politics, NGOs, startups, and running
accounts for Emergent Order. He has produced and
hosted events during SXSW, the Internet Marketing
Association,, BlogWell, and several
experiential tours to the Dominican Republic.
In full alignment with his gifts, Weston began co-hosting
Jeffersonian-style dinners with SJ Murray to artfully
gather entrepreneurs, entertainers, philanthropists, and

He is plugged into several communities including: EPX
Worldwide, Brand Innovators, Summit, SOHO, the
Libertarian network, Film/TV, Esports, and the investment

When he is not traveling or connecting, Weston is
spending time with his 10 year old daughter Ava,
dreaming big with his friends, or watching Netflix.



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