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Tami Kesselman

A pioneer and thought leader on impact investing, Tami Kesselman is a Harvard-trained strategist & former Bain consultant working at the intersection of the highest levels of corporate, government, entrepreneurial & investor communities, and as a senior strategy advisor for multiple global SDG & sustainability initiatives.


Known for her ability to identify business model risk overlooked by others, she frequently consults for investors seeking impact alignment while maintaining strong financial returns. A frequent keynote, Tami has led sessions for some of the world’s highest net worth families & leading asset managers and is regularly asked to pressure-test investments, advising on diligence filter revisions for impact-alignment and for identification & mitigation of ESG risk. She also works directly with entrepreneurial management teams as they iterate from seed through Series C funding rounds and lectures on improved impact diligence at Harvard Business School and at conferences for investor audiences around the world. One of her most popular talks, based on her proprietary SMARTimpact™ 10-point heuristic framework, draws upon insights from analysis of two decades of business models that seemed successful on the surface but had systemic flaws which ultimately led to underperformance or worse. A business strategy book based on her work in this area will be coming out next year.

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"If the generations do not work together to align values and profits, we won’t be able to close equity gaps, avert the climate crisis and do everything else we must for a better society in the next decade!" - Tami Kesselman

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