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Surya Kramer

Surya Kramer is a social architect and somatic educator who’s pioneering insights into emotional awareness and relational intelligence inform all aspects of her work. She is founder of Flagship Care, a consulting group offering community building and healing practices to help embed right relationship into the social DNA of organizations.

A passionate teacher and counselor with over three decades of experience accelerating human potential and development, she has created new pathways and healing modalities both for individual clients and organizations. Keenly aware of subtle dynamics that are often invisible to the naked eye, Surya builds new frameworks for organizational health with precision, integrity, and compassion. A skilled facilitator and guide, she has a unique ability to shepherd groups as they map out social blueprints that afford maximum stability and agility.

Her expertise in social architecture, healing and growth has led to the development of multiple systems, including Somatic Embodiment Education (SEE), and Nature’s Way, a mastery course for authentic expression. Her work has been called social permaculture and regenerative design for collective emotional infrastructure.

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