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Simon Mont

Simon is learning to love in public during this era of great transition. After teaching high school, attending law school, working to disrupt the school to prison pipeline, organizing and practicing restorative justice, and serving as a public defender, he turned his attention to co-creating economies and organizations that serve our highest good.

His primary vocation is coaching, consulting, and facilitation to help organizations become more equitable, empowering, and effective. He has accompanied more than one-hundred organizations as they have transformed leadership structure, operational policies, strategy, and community relations to more fully embody their values and reach deeper into the root causes of the issues they seek to address. Part of this work included co-founding the Nonprofit Democracy Network during his time at the Sustainable Economies Law Center. The NPDN is a tool and community supporting the development of more equitable, participatory, responsive, and leaderful organizations.

Recently, Simon received access to a significant trust fund started by his grandparents. This has led him into a deeper inquiry of how to align his relationship with wealth with his values of solidarity, collective liberation, and right relationship to Mother Earth. That inquiry has contributed to the rise of “Dharma of Wealth,” a project to activate the deepest healing potential of wealth by engaging questions of relationships, spirituality and financial systems.

Simon lives where spirituality, politics, healing, and social change change collide. His intention is to live his life as a prayer.

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