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sara Wolcott

From one of the founding families of the United States of America, Sara Jolena Wolcott has traveled the world in search of answers as to the root causes of our current intersecting crises and solutions to enable us to navigate these tumultuous times. She founded Wolcott Legacies and Investments to support Families and investors in creating legacies that can fully support future generations. She obtained her Masters in Divinity from Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University and is an elder and minister within the Quaker tradition.

"We as individuals can never achieve our individual greatness. Only as collectives and through partnership and community that dares to deepen into the land as well as to uphold one another can we thrive as individuals, families, and co-creators of destinies. In an era of individualism, KFG recognizes the value of collaborative learning and truth sharing." - Sara Wolcott

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