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Ruqaya Kalla

She might be the mother of five but Ruqaya Kalla stresses the importance of being so much more than that. While motherhood is her most important title, Ruqaya is a successful entrepreneur and holistic healer. She spent years sharpening her skills and training across the globe with some of the most prominent leaders in the personal growth field. In addition to specializing in neuro linguistic programming, personal growth coaching, and fascia balancing, Ruqaya is a certified body talk practiioner.

With a budding practice as a life coach for both adults and kids, she attributes her success to her ongoing dedication to studying new areas, theories, and practices enabling her to be at the top of her field. She is also the CEO of a successful Imports and exports company, proving that one woman can in fact wear many hats. 

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"Living through giving is a life of purpose."        - Ruqaya Kalla

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