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Rei Chou

Rei's purpose is to create experiences that help people realize they’re part of something greater. One of Fast Company's 100 most creative people, she founded The Feast which has inspired and facilitated collaborations among leaders and organizations from the White House and NASA to MTV and the Rockefeller Foundation. A leader, facilitator and healer, she draws on 12+ years of experience in convening, experience design, and purpose-based innovation with organizations ranging from NASA to Intel. She founded The Feast, which brings together a global community of innovators and creatives to support each other in living their fullest lives, purpose and potential with over 600 dinners hosted around the world to date. She works with leaders to understand their true selves, create clarity of action and vision that are aligned accordingly and uses her community skills to build teams that operate at their peak. She is a master Usui Reiki practitioner, teacher and KAP practitioner. Above all, she is passionate about helping each person realize the fulfillment of their true heart's desire, thereby creating the kind of world we want to see.

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