• Chelsea Toler-Hoffmann

Welcome to Keep Families Giving

Welcome to Keep Families Giving! We are so glad you are here, and we hope you join us at a future philanthropy event!

KFG was founded with the desire to inspire and equip innovative partnerships and philanthropy efforts in Austin, Texas, and we have a particular focus on cultivating the next generation of philanthropists, specifically people who are passionate about social impact projects. Our goal is to grow an influential an effective group of young philanthropists who use their skills and passion to improve the world, and we are working toward that by creating a collaborative community of foundations, corporations, nonprofits, social impact companies and leaders throughout the city to catalyze lasting, positive change.

At KFG, we believe education is key to empowering the next generation of leaders and philanthropists, so we provide education, mentorship, community, and tools to young philanthropists to equip them to champion social good causes and experiences. Each of our advisory board members is a next-generational leader, and has a particular social focus they are passionate about. If you see an advisory board member on our website that is taking the lead on a cause you are passionate about, reach out to them! They will each be planning events throughout the year that support their personal cause areas, and there will be plenty of opportunities for participation and support for each of those areas.

Our Advisory Board joined us in celebrating our official launch in September at Springdale Station in Austin, TX.

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