• Chelsea Toler-Hoffmann

Grapevine and Keep Families Giving Team Up to Talk Giving Circles!

As a platform for giving circles, Grapevine is excited to team up with Keep Families Giving to share how collaborative giving can help people come together to make more of a difference.

This will include an interactive giving experience from Grapevine where attendees can demo the platform and learn about the founder of Grapevine's story. What’s a giving circle? It’s simply a group of people that come together, pool their donations, and decide collaboratively where to grant their combined funds. It’s like a book group, but better.

Sign up for a 10 minute time slot in the Demo Room on February 29th from 1:00pm-2:00pm or try out the platform with friends anytime throughout the first day of the summit as a part of the summit’s Tech Track.

Giving circles aren’t a new idea, but they are certainly starting to catch on. They now include more than 150,000 members nationally and are expected to grow to 350,000 members over the next 5 years and move $1Bn in donations. Groups like the Latino Giving Circle Network, the Community Investment Network, the Asian Women Giving Circle, Catalist, and 100 Who Care Alliance, are all moving the needle in helping to create communities of giving.

Make sure to join Grapevine for a very special giving experience at one of the OFF THE RECORD Parties. Imagine coming together with fellow attendees to make a BIG collective impact in just 15 minutes. This is a great way to get inspired to start or amplify your own giving circle back at home.

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to highlight Grapevine and Emily’s incredible work to inspire philanthropists to come together to give as a community.” — Chelsea Toler-Hoffmann, President of the KFG Foundation

For more information about these projects, you can visit:

Grapevine Giving Circles

Grapevine's Partnership Write-up

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