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Orland Bishop

Orland is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Shadetree Multicultural Foundation, a Civil Society Organization and Network based in Los Angeles with affiliations nationally and globally. He is devoted to the creative design of a new economy for life where human relationships become the foundational links that hold local and global systems in a coherent state. Orland has mentored hundreds of individuals and organizations and consults with National and Global Networks in the areas of emerging economies, philanthropy, complexity theory, social and systemic technologies.

Student of Life and of the human capacity to know, Orland Bishop utilizes systemics - the study of the interrelationship amongst all things - as the lenses through which he navigates and cognizes new futures for our world. By inviting the exercise of unconditioned ways of thinking, willing, and feeling he supports the creation of human agreements that are capable of bringing forth realities that would otherwise not be possible. In an ever changing and uncertain world, Orland brings his life-long practice and teachings of diverse wisdom traditions to support others in witnessing both what they don't know as well as what they do know.

In addition to being a systemic practitioner, Orland combines an extensive study of complexity, medicine, psychology, naturopathy, and indigenous cosmologies with a deep dedication to social justice, human development, and cultural renewal.

Orland’s current work includes research and development of platforms for systems and complexity management, complementary currencies and social investment. He serves as adviser to several initiatives working to expand the sharing and emerging economy models.

Orland describes Shadetree’s mission as “creating vital agreements of the heart.”



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