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MiraKle B. King

MiraKle B. King is a new Visionary and thought leader. For the past two decades, he has been encouraging self-governing systems to come into existence. He has travelled to over 50 countries to be inspired by & to co-create global alliances with damanhur, rednoya, lyceum and findhorn to name a few Earth Eco-Communities. With Kamuniversity Institute, MiraKle and his team are developing new self-governing systems to be implemented that allow for an optimal holistic unified curriculum. His new coherent living model is specifically meant to support multiple future Generations to thrive in harmony with the natural world & move beyond sustainability. In 2005, He was invited to be part of a Visionary next-gen leadership council at the Institute of Noetic Sciences to encourage deep intergenerational shifts with the Baby Boomer Generation.



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