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Luke Marshall

Luke Marshall, PhD, is the Founder and CEO of VitalFlo, a digital health company that helps doctors keep their asthmatic patients out of the ER. By focusing on predictive health analytics, VitalFlo is able to create what clinical teams need most in order to make preventative interventions: time. Our forecasts are built on the data we collect by remotely monitoring patient lung function and the air quality around them (which we use to watch for potential asthma attack triggers). The first time Luke lived in Austin, it was to complete his doctorate working with the Nobel-laureate inventor of the lithium-ion battery. He fell in love with helping game-changing technologies transition from research to products: so they can make a material impact on the world. With VitalFlo, Luke returned to Austin for 3 months last year: as part of the Techstars Impact accelerator.

"Using the power of returns focused capital to unlock the change you want to see in the world just makes sense for both the investor and entrepreneur. As an impact investor, you can seed mission-driven companies helping them to reach sustainable scale, and your financial return lest you repeat the process. For entrepreneurs in impact industries, access to investors that understand that the company's mission is the engine that will drive its financial success is paramount- and these are the investors I want around the table." - Luke Marshall, PhD



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