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Teva Ferguson

Environment and Sustainability Chair

Teva Ferguson is currently pursuing a BA in Music and a minor in Psychology at Angelo State University with plans to graduate in 2020. She has spent most of her life involved with the arts and has spent years participating in musical theatre productions, choir performances, and individual showcases. She is currently writing, recording, and producing her debut album.


Aside from music, Teva has always been passionate about helping others and solving problems. She has fundraising experience for organizations such as Mobile Loaves & Fishes, the Austin Humane Society, and is now working towards helping fight against climate change. Teva has always been very passionate about conserving and preserving the planet, but her passion has increased substantially as climate change has continued to pose a threat throughout her entire life. 


Teva’s main goal in life is to live her life authentically while using her platform to better the lives of the people, and planet, she is surrounded by. 

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