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Annemarie Mccomb

Vice Chairman


An Austin native, AnneMarie is an attorney focusing on personal injury and medical malpractice defense. AnneMarie is passionate about increasing awareness in the community about autoimmune diseases, particularly with women and young adults. AnneMarie was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when she was sixteen years old. Her experiences with her own health problems in addition to other autoimmune issues in her family pushed her to use her resources to bring awareness to similar issues in the community on a local and national level. She is particularly passionate about public health care education and public access to health care.


AnneMarie is also an avid member of the arts community. Some of her personal interests include singing, songwriting, dance, and creative writing, particularly with strong folk influences. She has great interests in combining her love for the arts with social impact causes, and hopes to use mediums such as music and film to bring more awareness to issues impacting the community. She is looking forward to using her passions and drive to learn more about the family foundation and family office space.

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