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Michal Ann Morrison

Co-Vice Chairman

Michal Ann is a Co-Vice Chair of Keep Families Giving and works as a content writer and archaeologist.


As an archaeologist, Michal Ann has conducted research projects in Greece, Turkey, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, the Caribbean, and, of course, Texas. She has a particular interest in Greco-Roman art and mythology and gender archetypes.


As a writer, Michal Ann focuses much of her work within the field of healthcare and patient advocacy and writes for companies and platforms revolutionizing the American healthcare system. 


After suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2016, Michal Ann became passionate about building public awareness about the difficulties facing brain trauma patients during their recovery. Her vision is to build a foundation that will help TBI patients pay for professional services to help them through each step of their recovery to expedite their healing process.


Her most recent projects include working as a producer with Women Rising, an award-winning production company from Austin, on an upcoming film about women and autoimmune diseases. She will also be a delegate at the upcoming Global Women's Forum for Peace and Humanitarian Action with the United Nations. 


With Keep Families Giving, Michal Ann serves as a Vice Chair and led a community gathering on the topic of mental health to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and to equip the Austin community with more ways to be involved in local organizations working in the mental health landscape.

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