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Constance Dykhuizen

Constance Dykhuizen has a Master's in Public Affairs from the LBJ School. Currently based in Austin, Texas as the executive director of JP's Peace, Love & Happiness Foundation, she travels the world as a donor advisor connecting families to philanthropic relationships and investments. At the same time, Constance consults with nonprofits and creatives to tell stories that increase impact and awareness. Acting as both a funder and fundraiser for nonprofits, Constance goes between different worlds. The best part of the job is connecting the two. She has previously worked in Thailand with refugees, migrants and trafficked people as a storyteller, teacher and advocate.

"It's up to each of us to decide how we want to live our lives in light of what we have inherited. For some of us, that looks like sharing or giving up our privilege. For others, it is claiming what has been denied. Sometimes it's a mix of both. To me, philanthropy is about the balance between the two -- our pasts and collective future."

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