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Andrew Dunn

Andrew is a social entrepreneur, investor and community builder at the intersections of technology, wellness, finance and systems change. As co-founder of Siempo and Digital Wellness Collective, he has been a leading force and voice in the movements to align technology and business with our humanity.

In the spirit of going all in for all life during this time of transition, Andrew is now focused on Dharma of Wealth to help people align their wealth and influence with their deepest visions to heal and transform the world. He also supports partnerships at One Nation: a new American political party devoted to full systemic change in all domains. Andrew graduated from Wharton with a B.S. in Economics and was one of the first employees at Flexport.

“The most effective choices are those which are optimal in supporting creativity and experience, wholeness and integrity. An effective choice supports self and world - it allows the greatest freedom to be and to become, to choose and choose again.” - Forrest Landry

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