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Andrea Kalmans

Andrea is an active Austin angel investor, advisor, and start-up champion. Lontra Ventures engages with start-ups tacking massive global challenges by applying technology and passion.


Her investments are in spaces such Artificial Intelligence (Clarify and Olono sold to InsightSquared); Big Data & Analytics (Atlas Wearables and OneModel); Blockchain/Crypto (Unchained Capital); Core Infrastructure (Molecula and RackN); Developer Tools (Appbase, Stoplight); GPU-accelerated tech (Bitfusion sold to VMWare and BlazingSQL); Security (IronCore Labs); and Web optimization (Experiment Engine sold to Optimizely). Andrea also has healthcare related investments in DocStation and Ostiio. Andrea is active in Capital Factory, Techstars, and nonprofits including the ADL and the Zin Fellows of Ben Gurion University.


She started her career in NYC at Salomon Smith Barney Media Investment Bank, has an undergrad from UW-Madison where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and an MBA for UT-Austin. Andrea, her husband Walter, and her kids, Sabrina and Hudson, are proud to call Austin home!

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